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Dutch West at Sundance!

No, Dutch West wasn't there, but I (Josh) went to promote Goodbye Baby, an indie I shot over a year ago. While I was there, a funny thing happened...

Vincent Piazza is an actor in "Goodbye Baby" as well as a new comedy called "Assassination of a High School President" starring Mischa Barton and Bruce Willis. Vince is a huge Dutch West fan and has an incredible group of actor friends who he's shown our stuff to.

So the night after our screening, we have a cast party at Vince's condo. At the party, I'm chit-chatting with a lovely young man named Joey. "What do you do?" "I'm an actor. You?" "Actor." Vince approaches.

Vince: Oh Josh, you met Joey!
Me: Yessir I did.
Vince: Dude, Joey was in "Sleepers". He played the young Jason Patric!
Me: Oh my god! I love "Sleepers"!
Joey: Thanks man!
Vince: Joey, Josh is the guy who was in "Bigfoot: Child Molester".

Joey and I look at each other and laugh hysterically.


Vince showed "Bigfoot: Child Molester", which is almost entirely a "Sleepers" parody, to the actor who played the lead kid in "Sleepers".. and he loved it! My most memorable experience in Park City, by far.


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