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Movie night **updated!**

Dutch West had our first movie night before we took off for the holidays (screened "Barton Fink" which holds up like a mother) and since making the below post, you faithful fans have been pouring in the suggestions and we've made ourselves quite a list:

The King
Perfume:the story of a murderer
Mulholland Dr.
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Blade Runner
Brain Candy
Nightmare before Christmas
Space Balls
Saving Private Ryan
Waiting for Guffman
Dead Poets Society
Primal Fear / American History X (Both for Edward Norton)
The Shining
History of Violence
The Prestige
The Matador

keep em coming!
(old post below)

happy holidays, yo!

With filmmaking being our ultimate goal, the five of us started getting together for movie nights. We want to watch films that inspired us in our more formative years and got us interested in "the biz" in the first place, as well as those that continue to inspire us today. This is all, of course, in an effort to create our own inspiring pic. Like "Three Amigos Dos" or something similar. (jk)

Last night, we saw "Barton Fink", a classic Cohen Bros. film. It's a hell of a commentary on the hell that is Hollywood and the whoring of talent for commercialized entertainment. Did you know the Cohens wrote "Fink" when they were struck with a bout of really bad writer's block writing "Miller's Crossing"?

We want to keep a running list for Dutch West movie nights. Here it is thus far:

O Brother Where Art Thou?
Big Lebowski
Little Children
Three Amigos
Monster Squad
Blade Runner
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Home Alone
Batman Returns
Children of Men

We're movie buffs, but there might be a great flick out there that even we don't know about. What should we watch? Send us suggestions for films you think are so good, it's funny:


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