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"Street Magic" on the CW's "ONLINE NATION"

Our "Street Magic" video was featured on the CW's "Online Nation" this past Sunday. Did anyone see it? We were busy shooting a sketch for the site. If you caught it, drop us a line:

BUT, the story does not end there...

Yesterday, our manager informed me the CW, for some reason, put a graphic under Blonathan (Sam) that read: "Josh", as in, the guy playing Blonathan is played by Josh. But obviously, Blonathan is played by Sam. What? Why'd they do that? Do they think Sam and I are the same person? Is the CW run by a bunch of Jews? My last name is Ruben, after all, so that's favorable, and Sam's last name is Reich, which, while Jewishly pronounced "Rye-shh" could be considered the other version (pronounced "Ryke") as in, the "Third" one, and to a bunch of Jews, that's not cool. You should see the guys at the kosher deli every time Sam pays with his Visa check card. They give him looks.

Either way, a Dutch West vid was on network television!



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